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26 year old Canadian. I enjoy the simple things in life. Cars, comics, and the like.

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This is how far me and Nicole lived from one another when we met on tumblr. We were just kids, we fell in love, we’ve grown and evolved into adults together. We’ve lived together, lived on the streets together, and now we’re going to have a kid together. 

There’s a lot of young couples out there facing the difficult journey that is a long distance relationship, some even far greater than our own, I have a message for you:

Don’t give up. We lasted a year without seeing each other whatsoever, Skype and text and phone calls go a long way. Remember a relationship is a commitment to sharing a future together. Think about that future, even if the present seems unfathomably hopeless or difficult. You’ll never know what your life could have been with that person if you give up.

We could have given up, I could have never met Nicole, the mere thought terrifies me. I share my hope and love with all of you, and I hope if any one of you is facing what we did, remember you’re not alone.

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