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26 year old Canadian. I enjoy the simple things in life. Cars, comics, and the like.

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Batman and Nightwing

Created by Dan Mora

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Anonymous asked: what does 25kselfie mean?


It’s a contest running in Ottawa. You can win 25,000$ if your selfie is chosen to win. You have to hashtag #iamhot #25kselfie

It’s a promo they’re doing to tie in with that selfie song.

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Anonymous asked: If you could recieve two gifts on saturday, one realistic and one maybe not so realistic what would they be? Anything. Your choice.


Saturday, for those not in the know, is my 27th birthday.

I think the first gift I would want to receive would be to have my best friend and boyfriend here with me. My best friend. Moved to Germany a couple years back and I miss her tremendously. I have only been able to see my boyfriend about once a month even though we Skype almost every night.

My second, and more practical and materialistic one, would be maybe a new cellphone or even cellphone case. I got a wicked new case a couple of months back, but I’m one of those ones who likes to interchange my cases based on my mood. I have, however, really wanted to switch my phone for the Nokia Lumia 1025. That or maybe something from my Amazon wish list.

I’m really not all that picky. I’d rather just spend quality time with family and friends than get lavish gifts, but I guess everyone wants some materialistic things as well.

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More Shinkawa art of Ground Zeroes’ soldiers.

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merelyashipwreck asked: You are incredibly handsome :)


Thanks lady follower!

I love getting lady followers. You’ve got some incredible hair, you’re pretty darn cute yourself, and you’ve got a pretty stellar blog! :-)

Thanks for following me. Best believe I’ve followed right back.

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